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Above Ground Pools

Here's a letter from just one of our many satisfied customers...
Sherry, Robin & Woody
I wanted to take a minute to let all of you know how pleased my wife & I were with the crew you sent to install our pool. They were prompt and very professional. They both took time to explain the use of the filtration system and answer any questions we had. They also asked for our input on where to install the pool, the filter & the pump.
Over all we are very pleased with our experience with PDC Spa & Pool World.

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Above Ground Pool Care 

Also See: Winter Pool Maintenance Guide How To pdf - jpeg

If you find foam in your swimming pool, below is a list of where the source of the problem could be coming from:

1. Soft Water - Low Calcium in your water source could be the problem - have your 
water tested and bring the Calcium Hardness to the proper range. 

2. A low grade/low cost Algaecide that was put into the pool water. Many low grade
Algaecides only have 10% Alagecide in the bottle -- the rest is detergent and 
water. Always make sure you purchase better grade products to put into your
pool to make sure you get the best results for your money.

3. High pH levels - have your pool water tested to make sure the pH levels are in 
the proper range.

4. Air leaks in plumbing lines, hose or connections. Make sure all lines are connected
tightly and inspect the hoses for cracks -- replace hose if needed. 

5. Tile cleaners, Vinyl cleaners or Filter cleaners - all contain some type of detergent.
When cleaning the filter with filter cleaner, make sure you rinse off the filter
region well before hooking back up.

6. Bathing suits -- when your bathing suits are washed in the washing machine, the
washing machine always leaves a residual of detergent on your clothes.
When you enter the swimming pool, any detergent left on the swim suit
is now in your pool. Always rinse off suits with cold water after a
swim and hang to air dry.

7. Suntain Lotion, Oils and Cosmetics can also cause foaming in a pool - rinse these
products off your skin before entering a pool.

Tips on Getting Chemicals or Foam Out of a Bathing Suit: 

Rinse suit out with cool water - then soak suit in cool water and
2 tbs. of white vinegar for 24 hours -- Rinse off well -- then wash
suit in the laundry and let air dry!! 

We hope these tips help you. Remember to call us or come into our store if you have any problems or concerns with your swimming pool -- we are here to help you make the best of your swimming pool season!!


Robin Frey
PDC Spa and Pool World 

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Contact us or stop by our amazing showroom where we can assist you in choosing the above ground pool that is right for you. We also have a great selection of spas on display, the finest saunas and a large selection of pool parts, pool supplies and pool accessories for all of your needs. 

Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be glad to answer your questions and assist you and remember we are here for you long after you purchase your above ground pool with regional delivery and installation as well as expert factory trained technicians will assure you years of carefree enjoyment.

PDC Spa & Pool World offers a wide selection of Above Ground Pools, Pool Parts, Pool Service and Pool Accessories.

Approximately 50% of the pools owned in the United States are above ground. Many are turning to above ground pools because they are built to last and offer a wide variety of wall and liner options. Others turn to above ground pools because of the relatively low cost versus that of inground pools. 

Your lifestyle and entertainment plans are important to consider when thinking of the size and depth of the pool you'll require. Yard space is another obvious consideration - how much do you have right now and how much would you like to have left over when the pool is up? 

An above ground pool offers a certain flexibility and convenience that an in-ground pool does not, while simultaneously offering many of the same technically sophisticated options such as lighting and water features. An above ground pool is installation-friendly and low-maintenance. And, when you're ready to recapture your backyard, an above ground pool can easily be disassembled in a day's work. 

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