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Above Ground Pool Opening Tips: 

  • Remove as many leaves and debris off the pool cover as possible

  • Pump off any excess water on the pool cover

  • Remove the cover, lay in the sun and clean the cover with "Spray On Cover Cleaner". 
    Hose off and let dry in the sun before storing away to avoid mold and mildew from forming on the cover

  • Add water to the pool to bring the water level half-way up the skimmer

  • Remove all winter plugs, plates, gizzmos

  • Look at the skimmer and return -- check the gaskets to see if they need replacing and make sure they are both on tightly -- replacement screws may be needed at this time

  • Hook up the filter and pump. Lubricate all o-rings with "Silicone Magic Lube" to extend the life of the o-rings

  • Prime the pump before starting the motor. Air may compress during the start-up, so be sure to release air from the air valve to release any air build-up before you open your filter, pump or automatic chemical feeder

  • After the pump is running, check all hoses and fitting connections for leak. 

  • Check the pressure gauge to make sure it is working -- replace if it is not registering

  • Using your skimmer net or leaf eater, remove all leaves and debris from your pool

  • Vacuum the pool of any leftover dirt and debris

  • Now bring a sample of your pool water into our store so we can put it through out computerized lab to test for results and advise you on the proper water chemistry to get you started on the correct path to keep your water clean and clear all summer long

  • Run the filter 24 hours a day until the water is clear. Backwash when the pressure gauge calls for it. Once the pool water is clear, set your pool to run a minimum of 8 to 10 hours each day

Now enjoy your pool!!!

We are looking forward to helping you enjoy your swimming pool this year -- please remember that we are here to help you with any concerns or problems. Wishing you a fun-filled Spring!!

Robin Frey

PDC Spa & Pool World
701 Bridge St. 
Lehighton, PA. 18235 
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Contact us or stop by our amazing showroom where we can assist you in choosing the above ground pool that is right for you. We also have a great selection of spas on display, the finest saunas and a large selection of pool parts, pool supplies and pool accessories for all of your needs. 

Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be glad to answer your questions and assist you and remember we are here for you long after you purchase your above ground pool with regional delivery and installation as well as expert factory trained technicians will assure you years of carefree enjoyment.

PDC Spa & Pool World offers a wide selection of Above Ground Pools, Pool Parts, Pool Service and Pool Accessories.

Approximately 50% of the pools owned in the United States are above ground. Many are turning to above ground pools because they are built to last and offer a wide variety of wall and liner options. Others turn to above ground pools because of the relatively low cost versus that of inground pools. 

Your lifestyle and entertainment plans are important to consider when thinking of the size and depth of the pool you'll require. Yard space is another obvious consideration - how much do you have right now and how much would you like to have left over when the pool is up? 

An above ground pool offers a certain flexibility and convenience that an inground pool does not, while simultaneously offering many of the same technically sophisticated options such as lighting and water features. An above ground pool is installation-friendly and low-maintenance. And, when you're ready to recapture your backyard, an above ground pool can easily be disassembled in a day's work. 

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