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Surge And Lightning Protection For Pools, Hot Tubs, Saunas

Are you protecting your expensive spa and pool equipment from damage caused by a power surge or direct lightning strike?
A Simple and Cost Effective Protection For Your Pool, Spa, Hot Tub

Despite the advanced technology used in pool and spa equipment design, many pool owners think ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacles or breakers installed in the electrical panel provide sufficient protection from a power surge. However, GFCIs do not protect against a power surge as commonly believed.

A power surge (sometimes referred to as an electrical surge or voltage spike) is a sudden increase in current in an electrical circuit. Usually lasting only a matter of microseconds, this boost can spread throughout an entire electrical system causing damage to appliances and other electrical devices, as well as to hard-wired systems.

Though commonly associated with thunderstorms and weather conditions, electrical surges are triggered in many different ways. 60% to 80% of surges are created just by the normal operation of high-powered electrical devices switching on and off. Whether from a high-impact instance or through repeated low-level surges, these voltage spikes are the silent killers responsible for degrading and eroding components in valuable electronic equipment.

Contact Your Electrician to Install a "Surge Protection" Device to Protect Your Pool and Spa

Another source of power surge is "lightning". Although lightning is the least common cause of power surge, lightning's behavior is random and unpredictable. Direct lightning strikes can cause instantaneous damage, fry circuits and melt plastic parts. Indirect lightning strikes can also have far-reaching effects.
How can pool and spa equipment be protected against failure from power surge? A GFCI is designed to shut down power to an electrical circuit when it detects currents flowing along an unintended path. A "Surge Protective Device (SPD)" is specifically designed to protect electrical systems by absorbing the surge spike and diverting or suppressing it before it can travel further - this prevents overheating or other damage to electrical equipment.

So, don't delay......adding a Surge Protective Device is a smart insurance policy for your pool and spa equipment!!!


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