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Swim Spa Features

Swim Spa Features Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA

PDC Swim Spa Features
All the Right Features for the Best Swim Spa Experience. PDC spas is the largest and most trusted manufacturer of swim spas. Find out why PDC swim spas are the choice of swim spa owners and buyers around the world.


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Swim Spa Color Silver Marble Acrylic Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania High Gloss and Durable Shell Finish
Glistening and resilient, the swim and fitness spa shells are made to deliver years of reliability and enjoyment. Reinforced with hand-laid fiberglass, this exceptionally strong shell is built by Americans in the heart of Pennsylvania. The high-gloss scratch resistant acrylic surface by Lucite® in Sterling Silver Marble or, the newly introduced Tuscan Sun Marble, is known for its decades of lasting strength and signature good looks.
Swim Spa Cabinets Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA, Weather Resistant, No Maintenance Cabinet
In a sea of look-alikes, the M Series Cabinet™ stands apart with stylish accents. The all-weather, fade and stain resistant synthetic PermaWood™ cabinet may look like it belongs in a galleria, but is made with your home and outdoor in mind. Available in two rich earth tone colors, Graphite Gray or Espresso Brown, the sleek parallel black accent band and matching corner columns separate these swim and fitness spas from all others. Consider the optional Eclipse LED Lighting to highlight the cabinet with soft down glow from black wall sconces.
Efficient and Economical Swim Spa Cover and Lifters  

Swim Spa Covers With Lifters Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA,

Deluxe Thermal Swim Spa Covers For Sale Pennsylvania Deluxe Thermal Swim Spa Cover

Enjoy your swim spa and all the relaxation, fitness and wellness benefits it brings without operating cost concerns, virtually eliminating surface heat loss, PDC Deluxe swim spa covers feature a full length hinge seal, 4” sloped foam core and up to 12 locking straps assuring your swim spa is safe and secure.. The dense insulating foam delivers an estimated R value of 13 , wrapped in a cabinet matching Rich Black marine grade vinyl for a durable and contemporary finish to all swim or fitness spa models. 3 year warranty.
Swim Spa Cover Lifters Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA, Swim Spa Cover Lifters

While the insulating, safety cover provides a full spectrum of benefits to owning a swim spa, it is no doubt a heavy, bulky item for many owners. PDC Spas offers a choice of lifting devices to assist in more easily removing and replacing the cover for an enhanced satisfying swim spa experience.

Swim Spa Cover Shelf Push
Swim Spa Cover Shelf Easy To Close
Swim Spa Cover Shelf

A pair of black metal Cover Shelf lifters attach easily on each end of the swim spa for effortless cover moving. Swing the arms open at each end, fold the cover in half and pull onto the arms where the cover is supported securely and out of view for an enjoyable experience.

When your relaxation, fitness session is complete, push the cover back into place, fold Cover Shelf arms close, and secure the locking cover straps.

The Cover Shelf offers an economical option allowing for an unobstructed view from the spa, easy install without compromising the good looks of the M Series™ cabinetry. Shown in top image.

Swim Spa Cover Mate III Swim Spa Cover Mate III

This hydraulic assist lifter design attaches to the cabinet below the swim spa lip for an easier removal / closing of the cover. One for each end of the unit, this pair features a durable cabinet matching black metal finish.

Simple fold the cover in half over the Cover Mate III top bar and lift the cover allowing the Cover Mate III to assist into the open position; upright at each end of the swim spa.

When you have finished your swim spa enjoyment, with a slight push, the Cover Mate III closes the cover. Unfold the cover and secure the locks. More budget friendly than alternative lifters, this option may be the right choice.

Swim Spa Cover Mate III Closed
MotionMat™ and MatTrax™
Enhance your swim and fitness spa experience with the PDC Spas MotionMat™. This amply sized fitness zone mat provides a slip-resistant surface for walking, jogging, running and any other exercise routine you may choose, while avoiding the high cost of a bulky treadmill. Our recently introduced Mat-Trax™ stair treads offer a gripping surface on step areas for added balance and safety. Both mats are constructed of a mildew resistant, fade resistant thick foam. MatTrax™ is offered in a choice of standard face or graphic design complimenting the MotionMat™ and an overall contemporary appeal.

Swim Spa Steps Mats Lehigh Valley Pocono Pensylvania Swim Spas

Swim Spa Lighting

Swim Spa Lighting Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA,


Highlights LED Lighting™
Enhance your evening soak or swim with the multi-colored LED Highlights Lighting™ system. Standard on both the Synergy and TruSwim Series swim spas, this collection of soft glowing and pinpoint underwater lights and 6 lit cascading water spouts will enhance the sights and sounds of your backyard.
Eclipse LED Lighting™

Your new outdoor oasis will without doubt be the envy of the neighborhood. Adding the LED Eclipse Lighting™ package of 16 LED cabinet sconces (Vitality Series features 12 sconces), creating a beautiful glow on the hand-crafted M Series™ designer cabinet. 
Reach a new level of style and elegance as you enjoy a starry night just a little bit longer while relaxing in your swim spa.

Swim Spa Lighting PDC Eclipse Lighting At PDC Spa And Pool World

Oasis LED Lighting™

Take delight in the underwater shimmer of 6 lit Synergy ProTM current jets with the Oasis LED LightingTM package. 

Paired with the radiance of up to 13 topside air and diverter controls, this lighting option will turn your SynergyTM FX Series swim spa into your own sparkling backyard oasis.

Swim Spa LED Lighting Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania Swim Spas

Bluetooth® BlueTune™ Audio

Topside mounted, marine-grade speakers and in-cabinet subwoofer turn your swim spa into a natural amphitheater for complete enjoyment with the BlueTune™ music system. 

Set the mood for exercising, relaxation or a friendly gathering as you manage the playlist and volume conveniently from inside or out of the swim spa with any smart phone or mobile device.

Swim Spa Audio Bluetooth PDC Swim Spas At PDC Spa And Pool World

Smart Swim Spa Controls

Swim Spa Controls Swim Spas For Sale PDC SPA WORLD

You’re in Control
Simple to use and easy to navigate, our Neo 2100 Series control is a menu driven operation center with all the features you could ever want for frustration free, reliable control of your new swim or fitness spa. From temperature to power to filtration, you choose the function that best suits your new swim spa lifestyle; health, wellness and fun at the touch of a button!
Personally Programmed Fitness Sessions with TruSwim®
Your new TruSwim® swim spa will feature our advanced TSX-SmartTouch™ control making your aquatic exercise experience yours, and only yours. This waterproof, menu-driven LCD touchscreen control uses simple icons for convenient access to propulsion power, lighting, therapy jets, filtration and other swim spa functions. Ready to train? The TSX-SmartTouch™ control includes an extensive programming menu that allows you to set up multiple user profiles, each with the ability to select to pre-set workout program or to create and save several different workout sessions with varying speeds and time intervals for a truly customized fitness experience.

Taking the programmed workout to a whole new level, the TSX-SmartTouch™ will alert you when the resistance is nearing a change. Eight LED "swimmer assist" underwater lights on either side of the propulsion will flash notifying you of a resistance power change, higher or lower. Enhance your TruSwim® experience with this added feature.

Swim Spa Programming PDC Swim Spas

Swim Spa Controls Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA, Advanced Technology, Easy to Operate

With the advanced SX-SmartTouch™ control center, the Summit™ Series line offers 6 variable speed settings, programmable workout options and other convenient control and system functions. Simply select the desired icon to turn on/off Elite Pro™ swim jets, therapy seating jets or change the filtration cycles, temperature and more. Easy to use and reliable, the touch screen control technology is designed to keep operation simple for all owners.
Swim Spa Stress Free Controls Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA, Stress-Free Control, Convenient Use

Standard on all Synergy FX-ProView™ control centers provides reliable swim spa performance and operation. A simple touch of a button is all that is needed to adjust temperature, lighting, therapy jets, filtration and other spa functions so you can relax, and enjoy your new swim spa with peace of mind.
Swim Spa programming Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA, Simple, Reliable Performance

Simple to operate, the SL-Accent™ control center is the perfect companion on our Vitality™ fitness spas. This backlit digital control is easily programmed to operate fitness spa features and settings, such as lighting, temperature and filtration cycles. Simply turn on/off the resistance current jets, massage jets or lighting with the touch of a button for carefree aquatic therapy and relaxation.
Swim Spa Wifi
Anytime, Anywhere Convenience
With the WAVE WiFi wireless control you can switch the heating mode to vacation from the airport or turn on the spa lights as you pull in the driveway for a late night workout or stargazing session. Download the free mobile app to your smart phone or tablet to easily control your PDC Spas swim or fitness spa from anywhere, any time of day or night.
Swim Spa Wifi
Made in America Matters - Made In USA Swim Spas
Designed, developed and built by American craftsmen in the heart of Pennsylvania, each PDC swim spa is constructed from the finest raw materials and painstaking manufacturing processes. Cast acrylic sheet from Lucite® begins the production, by forming durable outer layers of each ergonomically designed model. Units are then reinforced with multiple layers of hand rolled fiberglass and non-filled resins, for a swim spa you can enjoy problem free for decades.

Worldwide Recognized Ingenuity
PDC continues to lead in exceptional hydrotherapy innovation across the globe. Not only in the hot tub and swim spa industry, but professional sports arenas and our military have recognized our quality and now reap the benefits of warm water massage and exercise. Well known teams such as the Kansas City Royals®, Pittsburgh Steelers® and Dallas Cowboys® have improved their game with the help of PDC Spas products. Currently, we are in development with the Navy Seals furthering their training with the aid of effective aquatic exercise, utilizing TruSwim™ technology.

Swim Spa Easy programming VideoUSA Made Swim Spas PDC Spa And Pool World Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania


Our collection of swim and fitness spas are the pinnacle of performance and style providing improved wellness and a better quality of life conveniently at home. 

With a PDC Spas swim or fitness spa just footsteps away, you can achieve your personal health and exercise goals with the added resistance of our TruSwim® dual propulsion hydraulic, superior jetted swim or fitness currents. 

With a variety of lengths, current styles and exercise features, your spa is customized to fit you and your home. Simply swim, run, walk or perform your favorite aquatic exercise on your own schedule and enjoy your improved lifestyle.

PDC Spa and Pool World is proud to feature PDC Swimming Spas, Spas, hot tubs and whirlpool tubs. 

Contact us or stop by, PDC Spa & Pool World invites you to ease into the warm and tranquil waters of the finest spas, hot tubs and whirlpool tubs.

Vacation at home everyday...


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Swim Spa Features Lehigh Valley Poconos Pennsylvania At PDC Spa And Pool World Lehighton PA