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Important Questions To Ask Before Purchasing Your Spa, Sauna or Pool


  1. How long has the retailer been in business?
    PDC Spa & Pool World Has Been In Business At The Same Location For Over 30 Years!
    Peace of mind is "knowing" the retailer you are about to purchase from will always be there to guide you every step of the way.

  2. How long has the manufacturer of the product been in business? 
    PDC Spas Has Been In Business Over 60 Years, AND Made In USA!

  3. How long has the retailer been selling that product?
    30 Plus Years!
    A long-standing relationship between a manufacturer and a retailer signifies a positive future for you and the product you are about to purchase.

  4. Does the retailer employ their own-in-house factory trained Service Technicians?
    This is by far the most important question to ask.
    If a problem develops, many companies using subcontractors will put the blame on the subcontractor or vice versa, leaving you going between the retailer, manufacturer, or subcontractor resulting in not getting your problem resolved and an unpleasant experience. PDC Spa & Pool World only employs in-house factory certified technicians, who are trained to provide you with quality and hassle-free service.

  5. What is the retailer doing for you after the sale?
    At the time of sale, many retailers state they offer instruction and assistance. Countless times we hear horror stories of customers finding themselves with curbside delivery and no instruction or assistance on how to hook up or operate their new product, leaving them frustrated and unhappy. After placing a call back to the retailer, they are told to read their service manual. PDC Spa & Pool World will be with you every step of the way now and tomorrow. Our factory trained technicians will not only install your product but will also provide you with personalized training in the privacy and convenience of your home. Our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff are always available to answer any questions, and we will provide you with free water testing to keep your water sparking clean so you can relax and enjoy yourself with complete confidence and satisfaction.

    PDC Spa & Pool World 
    701 Bridge St. Lehighton, PA. 18235 
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PDC Spa & Pool World
701 Bridge St. Lehighton, PA. 18235 
Toll Free 1-800-797-7296 - Local 610.377.5637 - Fax: 610.379.9568

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* Directions To Our Showroom

  PDC Spa & Pool World has everything you need to make every day a relaxing vacation in the privacy of your own home. We have been in the business of providing specialized service for our customers for over 30 years. 

  • We carry a variety of above ground pools and liners.
  • Installation of our above ground pools, spas and saunas are done by our own certified factory trained technicians.
  • Free computerized water testing is provided to help keep your water sparkling clean.
  • We have working spas and saunas in our showroom so that you the customer can come in and try them out before buying.
   Contact us or stop by our amazing showroom where we have a great selection of spas on display, the finest saunas, top of the line above ground pools and a large selection of parts, supplies and accessories for all of your needs.

   Our knowledgeable and courteous staff will be glad to answer your questions and assist you and remember we are here for you long after you purchase your spa with regional delivery and installation as well as expert factory trained technicians will assure you years of carefree enjoyment.

PDC Spa & Pool World.. Vacation At Home

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