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Pool Chemicals
PDC Spa & Pool World carries a full line of Pool Chemicals and Specialty Pool Chemicals to help you maintain crystal clear water throughout the swimming season!
We are an authorized dealer for Frog Chemical/Mineral System as well.
Stop by our Showroom for FREE water testing using our Wave III Resource Scanner that gives custom results detailing your pool chemical needs.

Pool Chemicals Lehigh Valley Poconos PA ClearView Pool Chemicals At PDC Spa And Pool World we carry the ClearView product line of pool chemicals.

This chemical line of professional full strength pool chemicals will keep your pool sparkling clean!

The first step in maintaining a crystal clear pool is balancing your pool water.

  • Pool Water Balancers: Total Alkalinity - Calcium Increasers - pH Up - pH Down
  • Pool Water Sanitizers: Scent Trific Tabs 3"
  • Pool Water Shocks: Shimmer and Shock - Insta-Chlor

Specialty Pool Products by ClearView available at PDC Spa and Pool World also include Drop Out, Filter Aid, Mineral Magnet, Poly Power 60, Poly Power 30, and Crystal Clarifier.

Pool Chemicals Lehigh Valley Poconos PA Pool Frog Pool Chemicals  
Pool Frog Leap
The Easiest Pool Sanitizing System up to 40,000 gallons

Fresh Mineral Water®

FROG Leap Twin® delivers just what larger pool chemicals you need to keep pool water consistently Cleaner, Clearer, Softer and Easier® to maintain.
Sanitizing minerals and a very low level of chlorine kill bacteria 2 ways and create Fresh Mineral Water®∞. Pool Frog delivers what no one else can – softer, shinier pool water that uses 50%* less chlorine than a chlorine-only pool.

  • Kills pool bacteria 2 ways
  • Reduces pool chlorine use up to 50%*
  • Precision performance – set it and forget it
The Alternative Way To Sanitize
  • FROG uses Fresh Mineral Water to make your water pool cleaner, clearer, softer & easier.
  • FROG features pre-filled cartridges for no mess, no guess & no stress!
  • FROG reduces Chlorine usage up to 50%
Pool Chemicals Lehigh Valley Poconos PA SeaKlear Pool Chemicals SeaKlear Pool Chemical Water Treatment Solutions

SeaKlear® pool chemicals and spa water treatment solutions provide a reliable and effective way to treat your pool or spa easily and effectively so you can enjoy your time in your pool, not cleaning it.


Pool Chemicals Lehigh Valley Poconos PA Natural Chemistry Pool Chemicals

Natural Chemistry Pool Chemical Maintenance Products

Why spend hours laboring over your pool when you could be sitting poolside instead?

For over 25 years, Natural Chemistry has been providing smart pool chemical products to simplify pool care.

Our maintenance items decrease the amount of time and effort spent on maintaining crystal clear, perfect water. Natural Chemistry’s pool chemical items work hard so you don’t have to.

The Pool Perfect Family
Pool Perfect®
Pool Perfect® ​ Max™
Pool Perfect® Total™



Pool Chemicals available at PDC Spa and Pool World.

Pool Chemicals Lehigh Valley Poconos at PDC Spa and Pool World



Stop by our showroom for FREE water testing using our Wave III Resource Scanner
that gives custom results detailing
your waters’ needs.

Pool Chemicals Water Testing Lehigh Valley Poconos PDC Spa World

See our Pool Resources/Tips page for more info on maintaining your pool throughout the season. From opening to closing, we’re here to help you.
Enjoy your Pool Season!

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