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Above Ground Pool Care 

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Pool Closing Winterizing Tips And Procedures

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By Robin Frey – PDC Spa Pool World
Winterizing your pool is a very important aspect of pool care. Even in the winter your 
pool and equipment need to have specific treatment to protect them from stains, scale and 
corrosion. A properly winterized pool will also save time and money in the spring by 
being easier to reopen. 
1. Items Needed: Winter cover, air pillow, winter plate for skimmer box, gizzmo for 
skimmer hole, return plug, cover pump, filter cleaner, and a winter chemical 
closing kit. 
2. Clean your pool completely by brushing the walls and vacuuming the bottom. 
Pool water MUST be clear before closing your pool. 
3. Balance your water by adjusting total alkalinity first, then pH, followed by 
calcium hardness. Make sure your chlorine level is between 3 -5 ppm. 
4. Now add the Winter Shock – dissolve the shock in water before adding to pool 
5. Next add the Winter Algaecide ( Winterizer) to prevent algae growth over the 
6. Lastly, add the Stain & Scale Control to prevent staining of the liner over the 
7. After all the chemicals have been added, operate pool filter for 8 to 12 hours. 
8. Now backwash the filter and thoroughly clean the filter using Filter Cleaner 
before disconnecting the equipment from the pool and /or before storing the 
equipment indoors for the winter. Never let a filter remain dirty over the winter 
because deposits and scale can harden, leading to major cleanup and potential 
repair costs in the spring. Note: Do not use Muratic acid to clean filter grids-the 
acid damages the DE grids while sitting over the winter. 
9. Drain the pool water 2” below the lowest eyeball jet. Attach the skimmer closure 
plate, gizzmo, and return plug(s). Be sure to also drain water from the filter, 
pump, heater, chemical feeder, and hose to prevent freeze damage. (Store all 
equipment indoors over the winter.) 
10. Clean and store skimmer basket, pump strainer basket, ladder, hoses, and other 
pool maintenance equipment indoors. It is best to store all items together in a box 
so you can easily locate everything you need in the spring. Also store your test kit 
and liquid chemicals indoors and out of the reach of children. 
11. Place an air pillow under the cover to help prevent expansion of water which 
could cause wall damage. (Note: Do not fully inflate air pillow.) Use one 4 X 8 air 
pillow for pools 12’ to 21’ round. Use two 4 X 5 air pillows for 24’ round and 
above and for all oval pools. Note: Using pool cover clips will help hold your 
winter cover on more securely during windy winter storms. 
12. Cover your pool with a solid winter cover to keep dirt and leaves out of your pool 
for an easy spring clean-up. 
13. Important: If a large amount of water should collect on your cover over the 
winter, remove by using a siphon or cover pump. If you fail to do this, your cover 
could become too heavy and tear from the excess weight. 
14. Following these simple tasks NOW, will allow you to have a NICE and EASY 
15. REMEMBER: Closing your pool later in fall and opening early in April will help 
to prevent water problems from developing. 
You have permission to publish this article electronically or in print, free of charge, as long as 
the links & bylines are included. A courtesy copy of your publication would be appreciated. 
© Copyright 2007 PDC Spa Pool World Inc.
We hope these tips help you. Remember to call us or come into our store if you have any problems or concerns with your swimming pool -- we are here to help you make the best of your swimming pool season!!
Robin Frey
PDC Spa and Pool World 
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